Teeth whitening gel or strips?

Teeth Whitening Gel
Peroxide-based gels are applied with a brush directly to the surface of your teeth

Teeth Whitening Strips
Near-invisible strips are coated with a peroxide-based whitening gel for easier application

How our gel works

Teeth whitening gel has been designed for use while under the supervision of a dentist, a service which we at Chestfield Dental Practice can provide. The gel itself contains carefully selected ingredients that reduce sensitivity and is applied using a custom-made applicator that ensures accurate placement on the whitening trays. These are applied to your teeth, giving you results in just a few days.

Choosing whitening strips

Whitening strips can only be supplied legally by a qualified dentist. With a unique formula that reduces sensitivity in your teeth, these plastic strips mould to the shape of your teeth for an even look. By applying the strips for an hour a day, every day for two weeks, your teeth can become noticeably whiter without breaking the bank.

What are clients are saying

“Best dentists I have ever been to. Friendly staff, clean, and comfortable. I am no longer afraid of the dentists”

“I am a very nervous patient and I see Mark at the practice. He is an excellent dentist and I would highly recommend him and the practice. The staff are really welcoming and polite. The dental surgery is always very clean.”

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